extreme viking challenge


There's tough and then there's Viking tough!!

The Extreme Viking Challenge is Scandinavia’s first and original hardcore adventure obstacle course.

The event is designed to test participants' physical and mental endurance, resilience and teamwork as they negotiate 6 kilometers of difficult terrain filled with natural and man-made obstacles.

What is an Obstacle Course/The EVC and who should do it?

Obstacle courses come in many lengths and difficulties. From inflatable playhouses to military training fields to long and arduous multi-day cross-country challenges over mountains and rivers. They may be focused on individual or team efforts, and aimed at anyone from children to soldiers to endurance athletes.

Since we are in Sweden, it would be best to describe the EVC as a lagom, a balance of obstacle courses. We have designed a course that will be difficult but also accessible, intimidating but do-able, challenging but rewarding. The first course will be approximately 6km long and have between 20 and 30 different obstacles that runners need to deal with. The obstacles will include walls, mud crawls, a log carry, tunnels, pipes, swamps, ropes, balance beams, trail running, tire-obstacles, netting, and a short swim. Anyone in reasonable physical shape should be able to complete it.

The Extreme Viking Challenge is open to everyone. We think it will be perfect for:

- Athletes, teams and gym/training organizations. Whether you are self-driven, part of a sports team or a member of a training group, if you're looking for a physical and mental challenge that will push you to your limits, you will find it at the EVC. And if once around is not sufficient, join the Ragnarockers and go around the course as many times as it takes to wear yourself out. So gather your teammates and come on out! We've got special discounts for large groups just for people like you!

- Anyone seeking an adventure. There is no course like this in Sweden so if you've got a hunger for new experiences and a thirst for adventure and challenge, we hope you'll give the EVC a try.


For information in Swedish, please visit  www.extremevikingchallenge.se